We had a wonderful weekend with Windmill Community Gardens at the ‘Art in the Garden’ event on 10th and 11th July.

Watercolour painting of flowers in the garden
Stained glass flowers stood in a raised bed with swiss chard
A fabric chair planted up with herbs for teas

The garden was the most beautiful setting to showcase the work of many local artists and we were incredibly lucky that the sun shone for the whole time.

As well as the art on display, some artists made art live for people to see and others ran craft workshops. There were rag wreaths, cork bees and hanging baskets to make.

Alongside all of that was live music and spoken word poetry as well as delicious food. We enjoyed home cooked pizzas straight from our own oven (thank you to Small Food Bakery for gifting the pizza dough!) and pakoras, strawberries and cream and cakes generously provided by the Coop.

All of the volunteers and participants worked incredibly hard, making it a truly lovely time at the garden.

Here are a few more photos from the day

A huge bumblebee made from plastic cultery
Pottery bowls displayed on wooden blocks in the garden
Paintings of hand prints, flowers and trees
Prints of mandalas and circular patterns
Metal snails on the wooden archway
Cups and saucers in a tall display