Making a referral on behalf of someone else

Before you refer someone, please make sure they meet the inclusion criteria below.

Please fill in our referral form if the person is:

  • living in Nottingham
  • experiencing any of the following: loneliness, isolation, anxiety, depression
  • in their own opinion they have mild to moderate support needs
  • able to make sessions to the best of their knowledge (Wednesday mornings at Windmill Community Gardens in Bobbers Mill)
  • able to get to the garden (we may be able to provide travel assistance soon via GreenSpace Green Buddies)
  • feeling they have ‘slipped through the net’
  • unemployed or underemployed / on benefits / low income
  • willing and able to do some gardening at their level (this could be gentle activities sitting down or more active gardening)

Please do not fill in the referral form is the person is:

  • living outside of Nottingham
  • experiencing severe mental, behavioural, addiction or physical health problems that will impact on their ability to attend or join in.
  • know this commitment to the project is too much for them at this time.
  • able to attend social or community gardens regularly on their own
  • on a high income
  • socially mobile

If you are unsure about the criteria above, please do get in touch with us.

Referral Form

Referral Form

Referrer's information

Person's information

Emergency contact details (please give two names if possible)

Participation in Growing Forward

If the person you are referring needs more information about the group sessions and one-to-one sessions, please let us know and we can discuss further. The person may choose to use either option or both.

Support worker / key worker details

If the person has a key worker or support worker, please provide details here:

GP details

Health information

Interests / skills